A daily relaxing routine
to build up your strength

What is Chan Wu?

  • A widely accessible method to prevent and relieve the effects of daily stress.
  • A moment of pleasure to grant yourself at any time, anywhere and in all circumstances.


Practice on your own :

Practice according to your needs and desires.

One-on-one or group coaching :

With LingXia Zhou and her team.
For further information or to make an appointment, please contact us here:

Lessons in the CHAN WU method

Every Thursday from 12am to 1pm

Le Cercle Sportif de Judo Aïkido
73, rue Bayen 75017 Paris
Phone : (+33) 01 45 72 06 77

Chan Wu for every day box set in a limited edition

A DVD with 15 sets of exercises, and a CD with 10 original relaxation melodies.